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The POLAR Light Wind Edition is the big brother of our Freestyle /Freeride deck. The goal of this board is to design a light wind board which still has all the freestyle abilities despite its bigger size! It comes in 146 x 43.5 and offers very early planning!

We have slightly modified the rocker line to support the incredible light wind abilities of this board. When riding, the CONTINUOUS ROCKER flattens out - to enhance earliest planning.

At the same time we kept the DOUBLE CONCAVE and COMPLEX CHANNEL CONSTRUCTION to offer maximum grip for a perfect pop.

The forgiving outline of this board enhances a very smooth and light handling - even in choppy waters on our local beaches at the North and Baltic Sea.

The softer FLEX and the AIR DAMPENING PADS allow super soft landings! At the same time the ANTI NEGATIVE FLEX Stringer made from FLAX FIBRE prevents tip diving on heavier landings!

To guarantee perfect quality and short delivery channels all parts and accessories are manufactured here in Europe. Together with ARKTIK we offset all carbon dioxide emissions in gold standard projects. To further minimise the impact on mother nature we use more sustainable materials like flax fibre and do not use any plastic wrapping!

The complete board comes with our Ratchet Binding including the TOE RIDGE, MEMORY FOAM and AIR DAMPENING PAD.

Enjoy the Light Wind Days!